Well, hello! First of all, thanks for visiting. Call me Ershad.

I’ve seen that a lot of people have specific reasons for starting a blog. I don’t have one, or at least, I don’t realise it yet.

I’m someone who dreams a lot, even though I suspect many of those dreams may never be realised. I wish I had a cool job like a dragon-tamer. But I don’t. So, I have to be content with being a chemical engineer.

I look for humour in everyday scenarios because life’s too dull and depressing without it. So, humour is mostly what I will attempt to bring here. You will find some exaggeration, some fiction, and some reality. Hope you will like it.


27 thoughts on “About

    1. Haha, I wish I was that cool to avoid being mainstream. But I’m not. What I am though is the example they’ll cite in my place a few decades later when they intend to define “lazy.”


    1. Thanks for those lovely words, Sneha. I’m obliged. And haha you’re the only one who noticed the blog name (or expressed it), which indicates we are basically nerds.
      I just checked your blog and noticed an eclectic collection of things. I’ll be checking it out often.
      Thanks for visiting and following πŸ™‚

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