So-called poetry

Burn It Down

Did you just punch me?

Don’t you know I have been numb for long?

How can something that is already dead ever die?


Here is a solution

Take that carving knife and gut me alive

And spray the walls with my blood


Does that quench your thirst?

Is revenge as sweet as it is made out to be?

But you are not after revenge, are you?

You just want to see me suffer


Don’t you know I already am?

The noose you have tied around my neck

Is not tighter than the stranglehold of your demands

Don’t you know for every ounce of pain you feel,

I suffer twice as much?

That your lack of trust is worse

Than any humiliation you can throw at me?


They say that the phoenix rose from its ashes

Burn me then!

Burn me and burn my memories

The good and the bad

Burn my flesh

Burn my soul

Burn that bond that cannot be severed

Burn the world

Burn the society

Burn the castles and let everyone suffer


Perhaps after then

When the screaming stops

And there is nothing but ashes

We will rise again


5 thoughts on “Burn It Down

  1. It was intense , Enjoyed it! Somehow i can relate it too, trust doesnt comes so easily and so soon takes time my brother ! Keep your patience.I am sure when she has cooled down n cried she will come to you and told you what she felt!


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