So-called poetry


Two streets run in parallel
Criss-crossing streets
Almost touching 
Yet staying apart

Two creations extend forever
Heavens reaching down
Earth up
Yet remain distant

Two lives breathe in unison
Souls mingling deep
Hopeless love
Yet never unite

Do parallel streets ever cross?
Does the horizon ever materialise?
Do star-crossed lovers ever unite?

They do not and they cannot
For they are asymptotes
Curves that never meet
Till infinity and beyond

But has anyone seen infinity?


20 thoughts on “Asymptotes

  1. Oh my god, Yes, I have, you cretin….. now my wife will think this is about her and my mistress….. goddamn….. never the twain do meet? Now thanks to you, they will look at each other suspiciously and say, oh my god this is a poem about that B******

    Now I see the horizon, thanks to you 😦 flat on my back, with two women tearing their hair out over MY philandering ways…. Plato had the right ideas…. arrrggghhhh… Shakespeare, let us just spare the lawyers for now :D, Let us kill all the poets….

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  2. Parallel streets never cross and horizons are not real, but when you see in the distance they appear real to the naked eye…streets meeting and horizons appearing. Sometimes to believe in something, It doesn’t has to be real. It just has to be there. Love your poem.

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  3. parallel roads are always interconnected so can u say that they don meet… and “criss-cross” as such means intersection I suppose. Or may b i din get your perspective or the gist of the poem.

    But loved the way you concluded it “But has anyone seen infinity?”

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  4. oh my god!! I’ve only studied Asymptotes (As in mathematics) and I could never in my dreams, have thought someone can come up with such a beautiful interpretation or rather misinterpretation I would say of Asymptotes 😛 You’re so amazingly creative 🙂

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