So-called poetry


They thought I was a writer 
They thought I was a poet
But then they found out
I couldn’t tell a song from a sonnet

They thought I was an artist 
They thought I could paint
But then they found out 
Neither to a mural nor miniature was I acquaint

They thought I played cricket 
They thought I was a spinner
But then they found out
The team in which I played was never a winner

Finally they said, “You’re an engineer”
When they gazed upon the reflection, that
I am the master of the none
I am the captain of the zilch

P.S. Apologies to William Ernest Henley. Please don’t haunt me.


30 thoughts on “Engineering

  1. Nice one although I don’t think William would agree for why would he have this to say :
    Thou shant mock poetry
    Thou shant utter any another word
    An utter fool be ye to even attempt to reach Shakespeare and me
    Woe be unto ye to write thy so called poem and gain stars for it

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    1. Ee “thou” ka cheej hai? Hamar gaon mein toh machete ko dao kahat hai. Konu imported cheej hai ka? 😛

      Seriously though lol. All right then. No mocking poetry
      No uttering another word (oops)
      *Shakes some pears*
      No poem no stars

      (What did I even write here?)

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      1. Hahaha oh my god your comment had me in stitches. Haan bhai, ye thou doosri cheej hai.Angreji thou toh khatam ab dihaati dao babu se kaam chalao 😛
        Still laughing, trying to type in whatever little dihaati I know, failing epically, laughing forever more. As they say
        Lage raho Ershad bhai!!

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      2. Ah, Kohinoor. The last time I saw her I couldn’t appreciate her beauty. That’s probably because she wanted to rip me to shreds.

        That’s my neighbour’s dog, in case you are wondering.

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      3. Yeh toh galat baat hai. Ladki ko gira diya. Uth jaiye mohtarma. Gustakh ki galti nazarandaz kijiyega. (Woah, I think I just broke my previous record of using maximum Urdu words.)
        By the way, *in the most annoying Delhiite accent* Thank you ji!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha yeah you did. Nazarandaaz kiya.
        Wait wait, Delhiites have an annoying accent? Is ko toh nahi nazar andaaz karoongi.Kab se hum Dilli waalon ke haseen boli ko annoying kaha gaya? Haha just messing with ya. That thank you jiii was spot on 😉

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      5. Arre maafi waafi kya manga? Bade bade deshon main choti choti baaten hoti rahti hain 😛

        Really? That’s awesome. Aur plleasse. Hum dilliwaale choti baaton ka bura nahi maante. Dilliwalon ka bara dil hota aur shayad usse bhi zyada bari zubaan haha
        Post zaroor kijiyega. Sabse bari critic aapke post ke liye muntazir hai.

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    1. Uh, oh, thanks a lot. I don’t know how this thing works properly, but I’ll look into it. Right now I need to get my refrigerator started. I know it has nothing to do with the award, but you know, I have to eat and all.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha its pretty easy BTW yeah it’s kinda annoying setting it up. Honest. But once ur done your like wohoo! Take your time its okay. What’s up the refrigerator? There s always ordering food if don’t have any other option tho

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll check it for sure 🙂
        Haha, Nothing much wrong with the fridge. Just a fried relay. So, the compressor has stopped working. I’ll have to replace it.
        Looks like your idea zindabad.


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