So-called poetry


Two shades of jet
Of infinite depth
And blinding blaze
Held my gaze

Slick wet tresses
Left a whiff of lavender, that
Hung in the air
And beckoned me near

Soft, smooth hands
With hints of mehendi
In a silent plea
Extended towards me

I could feel her love
And the grace she showed
Yet all the things I felt
Were left unsaid

For how could I tell
What pain I had
When all I wanted
Was to crap so bad



49 thoughts on “Unsaid

  1. Ershad, this is such a nah-nah…. 😀 Firstly poetry eeeeee!!!!… and secondly, come on yaar.. itna acchha bola and you still have to end with crap.. I was almost moved by the first few lines.. I thought.. wow, this guy really has a heart.. and then bang… back in to the WC… kya yaar?

    Nice one 🙂

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      1. 😀
        Sohni-Mahiwaal: – Kithon ho jee? Er.. wait, don’t meet me behind the bushes yet..

        Romeo-Juliet: Oh, wherefore art thou, Romeo?
        Goddamn these pantaloons and the hundred layered clothing of this era, now I have to keep my lady love waiting just to get out fully dressed from the loo.. damn this, I am going anyway..

        Laila-Majnu: Majnu, kohdai ast?

        Ast??? In the loo, you damned madwoman… wait… Agar firdous baroye zameen ast, hami asto, hami asto hami ast – the loo….

        So, Ershad.. it is alright then.. lots of people for company, throughout history 😀

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      2. Hahaha, you’re too funny man. I’m glad you brought it up though. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Shakespeare or Ghalib would have focussed on these things.
        Hazaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle
        Bahut nikle mere “poo” lekin phir bhi kam nikle

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      3. hahaha… tera yaar, one-track mind hai..
        Rise above the er.. septic tank…

        Hamesha crap.. hamesha poo..

        But, seriously, bad urdu poetry too.. Ghalib mar gaya aur uske khabr mein hazaaron keedey bhi mar gaye..
        Two syllables.. poo does not replace armaan 😛 So go figure it out..

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      4. 😀 Okay. Ab se bilkul nahi. Will talk about inner peace from now on. Par yaar inner peace sabse zyada toh loo mein hi aata hai na. I often find engineering solutions over there.

        Ghalib ke armaan bhi wahi pure hue honge

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      5. Oh, trust me.. I was like that.. the best thinking seat ever.. I even used to play the guitar there.. don’t ask how.. hahaha…
        I even wrote a few articles there, when I was in college..
        and haan, armaan toh purey hotey heen hain.. but fringe benefits, like reading on the royal throne.. I still have a small library in my own private loo… no one else goes there.. top floor.. only for me.. hahaha

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      6. Actually, I think you are Bambaiyya, if I am not very much mistaken.. right?
        So you do know that in southern languages, poo means flower.. or in Kannada, hoovu (old Kannada, Poovu)..
        Arrghh.. just imagine.. how many of those south Indian poems you can go about massacring.. hahaha

        What’s in a name? Oru poo by any other name would smell just as nasty.. hahaha.. you are an infectious disease, Ershad.. now even I am doing this.. begone.. begone.. ifrit.. djinn….

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      7. whoa!!!! …. whoa…. Ahomi??
        I would never have guessed that in a lifetime.. hmm.. but here is the thing.. with all the wonderful Bangla poets over there.. you choose to desecrate only Ghalib and Shakespeare?
        Bahut na-insaafi hai.. aur tumhe iski sazaa milegi… and tera kya hoga kaaliya?

        God, we are two ham artists.. we should open our own nautanki company.. vaudeville shoes and all..

        Seriously, I am so glad I met you man, this internet blog thing was getting seriously boring.. 😀 Not a shred of humour left in any soul these days.. and you toh.. you take the er.. pancake.. hahaha

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      8. Chalo… invited for Mood Indigo or for any other college fests? Let me know.. we will go together.. (oh yes, you can say that I have failed so many times so the looks are a little er.. mature.. )…

        Even better, let us make a movie together some day.. let us save some money and we will 😀 why settle for a nautanki…
        (engineers always make the best film makers.. I bet.. we are so quirky that the world does not really know what to make of us.. we will be the Wachowskies of comedies.. the Ridley Scotts of Sci-fi… Ah, you are too young to remember Space City Sigma.. maybe not even born haha.. but think of it as Shaktiman in the 80s and about as hilarious.. hahaha.. so mere bhai.. even if we goof up with the sci-fi we can still sell it off as comedy)…

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      9. hahaha… sure.. what an idea.. see?? if they had an engineer on their team they wouldn’t have had to spend so much on VFX, bad as they were..
        hahaha.. you are thinking, you are thinking..

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      10. this is going to be really difficult, I can see that now..
        Hey, KT, where are you off to?
        Ershad, I am going to get some Inner Peace..
        KT?? You are going to GET some Inner Peace
        Ershad, shoo scat, vamose, go away.. I am going to the Himalayas to get Inner Peace… not your kind of Inner Peace?
        KT, you are going all the way to the Himalayas to get Inner Peace????? Wow..
        Oh goddamn you.. Inner Peace, Inner Peace.. damn you.. not you.. er.. Inner Piece…

        Exeunt, stage left, KT… Ershad in the spotlight, centre stage..
        “He actually said Inner Peace twice and rushed off.. poor chap!!! Must have been a lot of pressure!!!!


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      11. I see.. and Ghalib was talking about paani all the while?
        All those poets, senile and all, what fools to live under the illusion..
        Sab jaam-bakaf baithe hi rahe, hum pee bhi gaye chahlka bhi gaye???

        Ok, ok.. toh cheers to the paani.. have fun.. don’t get high on it.. Take care.. see you.. gotta make chai for the lady of the house 😀

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  2. Ley… you were asking for it.. what a line!!!!

    “Agar dimaag kharab hone pe itna romantic likha jata hai toh likhte jaao.Kya pata crap aakhir nikal hi jaaye?” ..

    hahaha.. you were asking for it.. Now I hope you finally have Inner Peace hahahaha…. arey paagal, behudaa aadmi.. ho gayi tazalli??

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      1. Ek to… ungodly hour he says good morning.. raat kati hi nahi ki waapas aa gaye, mere aaka…. aur to… good morning in Assamese too.. Bahut acchey.. miya..

        gang.. eh… of course 🙂 and yes, good morning..

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      1. No, no, stay. Crap wala gaana hi gaya koi chori nahi ki, itni jaldi bhagna kya?

        You two are just too funny. 😀 I don’t know how many times I have laughed like an idiot reading these comments while ignoring my co-workers’ frowns.

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      2. Crap wala gana gaa ke gand macha di,
        larki se ye baaten achchi nahi lagti,
        Chori chupe larki ne bhaagne ki koshish ki
        Lekin ye zaalim internet ne sab ko hawa laga di.
        Haha I know. Your comment section is so fun to read. You and Tejas are on a roll. Both of you should quit your jobs and do stand-up comedy. Your co-workers will appreciate 😂

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