So-called observations

Farting in public

Remember the time when you gobbled down too many golgappas right after having a plate of chicken fried rice? You are in bliss obviously. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Golgappas originate from heaven.

However, as you’re standing at the bus stop you also have this incrementally building pressure inside your bowels that you need to release. The pressure is not so much that you have to make a bathroom a toxic zone. But it’s enough to make you worry about the one-hour bus journey you’re about to take. You’re left with no other option than to release the safety valve. You check your surroundings for anyone too close. Once you’re assured of your safe distance from any living creature, you slowly and silently let the fumes out.

Oh, the relief! You thank whatever gods may be. It feels so good that you want to close your eyes. But you don’t because you realise where you are. Instead, you steal glances to your left and right and wonder if anyone heard or smelled you. No one did. Just to be sure, you move away from your position by at least fifteen feet and look back. Breathing a sigh of relief, you smile inwardly at the guilty pleasure you enjoyed. Job done.


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